Student Research Opportunities

Roughly 200 students carry out research at Harvey Mudd College every summer. There exist a large variety of opportunities across the different departments and within each department. Most summer research positions are now advertised via the HMC campus wide URO recruiting website. There are two rounds of recruiting with the URO website, one in the Fall and once in the Spring. Other opportunities may be advertised via individual departments and faculty. To learn more about how to get involved with faculty from each department, follow the links below. In addition, learn about student specific research grants or research opportunities external to Harvey Mudd.

Research Being Done by Department


Research is an essential part of the biology program at Harvey Mudd.


Harvey Mudd chemistry faculty believe that research of project work on a significant chemical problem is a particularly valuable educational experience.

Computer Science

Each faculty member in the department has an active research program that involves undergraduates. A substantial portion of this research is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).


The Department of Engineering hosts several research programs dedicated to conducting cutting edge research in a variety of fields.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts

As part of the College’s commitment to providing a well-rounded, humanistic approach to STEM education, almost a third of Harvey Mudd students’ coursework takes place in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.


The Department of Mathematics encourages student research in a number of ways. The department also offers summer research opportunities hosted at HMC.


The Department of Physics has a rigorous student-faculty research program in a wide variety of fields in experimental and theoretical physics.